Well it's almost been 6 months here in Tucson.  We're making it through the Arizona summer,   but definitely ready for the fall.  It's been so great these past few months.  I feel like God is allowing us to see very quickly some amazing breakthrough in worship here at Victory.  

I started feeling the stirring again last month to start working towards a new project.  I have about 25 new songs I have to pair down for an album.  So I decided to do two albums.  One album will be an EP of radio type of songs, and the second will be a full worship album.  I'm really excited.  I'm heading into the studio late September with Mark Schick, Ben Campbell, and  some great musicians from Victory to begin tracking.   A new studio here in Tucson just opened up called Saint Cecilia right in the heart of downtown and that's where we'll be tracking.  

It's fun to see how time, your season in life, your surroundings, your friends, and influences all influence your creative expression.  It's been two years since First Love came out and it feels like worlds away.  I think music is just a soundtrack to life, and a documentation of where you are at a particular time.  I can't wait.